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Vintage Condron Photos & Unidentified Photos

Condron Family

This is likely a photo of John Luther Condron (son of John Condron b. 1816 and Harriet E. Smith) and Margaret "Maggie" Ann Bowser-Condron.


This tintype photo is labled "Uncle George Condron & Aunt Jane Weston".


The following photos are out of the John Luther & Margaret Ann Bowser-Condron photo album that originated in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania. These photos are not identified. Family names include: Bowser, Condron, Brooks, McGee, Lingenfelter, Smith, Fluke, Kent, Brundage, Buchheit, Long, and Sink to name a few. Places family lived included: Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut.

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I enjoy family history and vintage photography. Family Surnames include: Condron, Bowser, Brooks, Fluke, Holtby, Barnes, Belcourt/Belquort.

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Unknown Family. This photo was taken at Plum Creek, Nebraska. Plum Creek, NB is very near the Iowa border. This photo was in the John Luther Condron Album from Jefferson County, Pennsylvania. (John Luther Condron and family migrated from Pennsylvania to the Willamette Valley, Oregon in the early 1900's) The only family I am aware of in the Iowa/Nebraska region was that of David Condron and William Condron (both uncles to John Luther Condron, son of John Condron b. 1816 to Jacob and Elizabeth Lockhard-Condron.

Update: December 2011 - This photo has been identified as the family of David H Condron by two sources related to David H Condron. More details will be added to the photo via my Geneology webpage @


Update: December 2011 - This photo had been confirmed as Abigail Catherine Condron.

This unidentified photo was taken in Cozad, Nebraska. Cozad, NB is very near Plum Creek, NB where the previous photo originated. The back of the photo says "Abbie". I do not know of an Abbie in the family, it may have been a nickname.


Unidentified tintype photo. Likely from Pennsylvania or New York. Condron's, Brook's and Bowser's are found in Pennsylvania. Brook's are also located in New York at the time of this tintype.


This photo is likely of the Bowser or Brook's family. Margaret "Maggie" Bowser (married to John Luther Condron) took a trip in 1889-1890 to New York to visit relations. This could possibly have been taken during that time period.


Following are some names from the autograph book of Margaret Bowser (daughter of Peter Fluke Bowser and Harriet Brooks-Bowser):
A.H. Bowser Jan 1888, Martha Bowser Feb 1888, G. C, Sink of Indiana Cty, PA Jan 1888, Cousin Clara Sink Jan 1888, W. G. Kent of Woodhull NY 1889, Lillie Johnson of Woodhull, NY in 1890, W. G. Stone Woodhull, NY 1890, Geo M. Bowser of Hudson, PA, L.W. Stahl (fraternally related) of Johnstown, PA, cousin Susie Yohe of Hudson, PA, Cousin Lidia B. Bowser of Smicksburg, PA, Cousin Wilson M. Bowser of Smicksburg, PA, Peter A. Bowser of Hudson, PA, Cousin Mrs. P. Capwell, of Troupsburgh, New York Jan 1890, Lucretia A. Bowser, Mary Brooks of Syksville, PA, Cousin A. M. Kent of Woodhull, NY Jan 1890, H.F. Kent of Woodhull, NY Jan 1890, Cousin D.L. Buchheit of Sykeville, PA, Cousin Chloe R. Buchheit, Cousin Bell Brundage of Greenwood, NY Jan 1890, Cousin Myrtle Long, Cousin Lucy P. Reynolds of Troupsburgh, NY, Anna Brundage of Greenwood, NY, Marilla Brooke, S. Burton Long, Cousin S. R. Chapman of Troupsburgh, NY, Cousin S.B. Chapman Troupsburgh, NY, Jane Long of Hudson PA, Mary Brooks of Hudson, PA, Lizzie K. Bowser of Hudson, PA.